Maternal Mental Health Support

Pregnancy, new parenthood, and efforts to conceive can be challenging, scary, and extremely stressful. Sudden changes in mood as well as depression, anxiety, irritability, grief, fears, anger or rage, intrusive or obsessive thoughts, sleep disturbance, hopelessness, and relationship struggles are both expectable and treatable. In fact, one in seven women will develop a mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy or within 12 months of giving birth.

The good news is: there are solutions and help available. You are not alone.

I am trained and experienced in providing individual psychotherapy, consultation, crisis intervention, and mental health support to pregnant and new moms who are struggling with mood changes, as well as to individuals and families who are experiencing infertility. Sessions are typically 50-55 minutes and can occur weekly or more frequently as needed. During these sessions, I will work to support, hear, and understand you, while also providing feedback, solutions, and resources that can help you feel better. Depending on your needs, I may offer assessment and screening tools so that I can better understand what help is needed right away. When indicated, I can always make referrals to other providers for medications, medical care, and alternative health and wellness care in the community.

Partners and babies are welcome to accompany you, and I aim to provide a calm, nurturing environment where you can feel at ease while nursing, feeding, or caring for your child.

If you are having concerns about how you are feeling during pregnancy or postpartum, please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.

For maternal mental health and infertility resources, please click here.