Maternal Mental Health

IMG_2188Bringing a child into a family can inspire an abundance of joy and wonder. Just as often, it also brings unexpected challenges – to pregnant and postpartum parents, to parents who struggle to conceive or experience loss, and to parents who adopt. In my practice, all of these experiences fall under the umbrella of Maternal Mental Health.

Whether you are a biological or adoptive mother, trying to become a mother, or the partner of a mother, your mental health and wellbeing matters.

I have extensive training and am experienced in providing individual, family, and group psychotherapy, consultation, crisis intervention, and education for:

Mental health in pregnancy

Postpartum mental health

Experiences of infertility and assisted reproduction treatments

Infant and pregnancy loss

Individual and family psychotherapy: Sessions are typically 50 to 60 minutes and can occur weekly or more frequently as needed. I will work to support, hear, and understand you, while also providing feedback, solutions, and resources that can help you feel better. Depending on your needs, I may offer assessment and screening tools so that I can better understand what help is needed right away. When indicated, I can always make referrals to other providers for medications, medical care, and alternative health and wellness care in the community.

Partners and babies are welcome to accompany you, and I aim to provide a calm, nurturing environment where you can feel at ease while nursing, feeding, or caring for your child.

Group support: I also offer an 8-week therapeutic support group for postpartum moms. Click here to learn more.