Needs Assessment Survey

Have you given birth in the Savannah area over the past 5 years? If so, please consider participating in this brief and anonymous survey for the Maternal Mental Health Collective of Savannah.

We are currently planning a series of educational programs for prenatal and pediatric providers in our local community. These programs aim to inform providers on mental health issues related to motherhood and to share information about best practices for screening, educating, and supporting patients who are affected. Our hope is that these providers will feel better informed and prepared to address mental health with their patients, which could help improve overall maternal health outcomes in our community. 

But first! We need to hear directly from mamas about their experiences in prenatal and pediatric care in Savannah. The following survey is completely anonymous – names and email address will not be recorded. The information provided will help us understand what needs exist in local medical offices with regard to maternal mental health, which will assist us in formulating our outreach plan.

• If you work with women who have given birth in Savannah in the past 5 years: Please SHARE this survey with them – or share to your social media:

• If you have given birth in Savannah in the past 5 years and would like to participate: Please complete our survey HERE. And please SHARE with anyone you know who may want to participate:

Thank you so much for your help!