Postpartum Mental Health

While many moms experience some mild mood changes in the first few weeks after giving birth (commonly referred to as the “baby blues”), about 20% of women experience more serious and long-lasting symptoms. In fact, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are the #1 complication of childbirth in the US.

Exhaustion, irritability, anger, fear, depression, anxiety, guilt, racing or scary thoughts, loss of interest and pleasure, difficulty bonding with your baby, relationship and sexuality problems, body image issues, insomnia. The list goes on.


And yet hardly anyone – moms, families, or providers – speaks openly about this. Women who experience these challenges often feel isolated, terrified, and ashamed. And yet all of these issues are normal and treatable, no matter your culture, age, class, race, religion, or experience as a mom.

Whether you are experiencing acute distress or are simply struggling to adjust to your “new normal,” all moms need and deserve a safe and supportive space where they can be nurtured and receive experienced professional care.

If you are concerned about how you are feeling in the postpartum period, please contact me.

Even if you decide not to schedule a therapy session or join a support group, I can help connect you with resources, provide you with information on postpartum mental health, and make sure you are heard and supported.